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Agni- Ayurvedic Village, the largest and most authentic home of Ayurveda in maharashtra, invites you to Agni. Come,discover the goodness of ayurveda and enjoy the picturesque location spread over 63 acres of lush greenery.Choose from a range of rejuvenation therapies specially designed to help you reclaim your true self.

Ayurveda is the soul and essence of Ayurvedic Village, which has been dedicatedly serving people for more than 18 years. We have a wide range of Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatments, i.e poorva karma, pradhana karma and pashat karma. Poorva karma includes snehapanam, swedanam and different kinds of therapeutic massages like potali swedan, etc. Vamanam, virechanam, vasti, nasyam and rakta moksha as pradhana karma (panchakarma). Ahara, Vihara, proper rest and rasayan chikitsa are pashat karma.

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  • Wellness
  • Panchkarma
  • Weight Management
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes

Monsoon Packages (Karkidaka Chikilsa) at 77,900/- for 7N/8D

Accommodation Special Price
Single Occupancy 64,400/-
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It's a Ritu Sandhi (Monsoon Season) at this visarga Kaalam (time of season) body itself tries to expel toxins means metabolic wastes, so if we do the special treatments at this season that will help to eliminate metabolic wastes along with improving the body's metabolism and prevent diseases, detoxification and rejuvenate the entire system of body.

  • Dhanyamla dhara : Dhara means pouring liquid medium in a small continuous and constant stream over the body or affected area.
  • Pizhichil :It is the procedure in which streams of lukewarm medicated oil is poured on the whole body or the affected area with simultaneous soft massage .
  • Abhyangam : Abhyangam is the application of medicated oil on the body followed by massage by a trained therapist. The lukewarm ayurvedic oiling is done by changing into seven different positions.
  • Elakizhi : Medicated oil is applied on the whole body on the affected area. A Prepared bolus (Potli) is heated in small quantity of medicated oil and is applied over the body as soft punches.
  • Vasti Treatments : Enema using decoction or oils.
  • Navarakizhi(SSPS) : Rice cooked in medicated milk, along with certain herbal infusions, is bundled into a bolus.
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Wellness Packages for 2N/3D at Rs. 21,400

Accommodation Special Price
Single Occupancy 18,400/-
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Monsoon Rejuvenation Therapy for 4N/5D at Rs.42,800

Accommodation Special Price
Single Occupancy 36,800/-
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Panchakarma 7N/8D Package Starts @ 59,500/-

In Sanskrit Pancha means "five" and karma means "Procedures". The group of five body purificatory procedures in Ayurveda known as "Panchakarma".

  • Vamana (Medicated Emesis)
  • Virechana (Purgation)
  • Nasyam (Nasal Instillation)
  • Sneha Vasthi(Enema)
  • Kashaya Vasthi (Enema)
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Weight Management 5N/6D Packages Starts @ 42,000/-

Ayurvedic Village offers a unique Ayurvedic Weight Management Program at their luxury weight loss retreat center in India. Our special Ayurvedic diet and natural weight management techniques will help eliminate excess fat, reducing weight without the need for exercise and dietary restrictions. Herbal oil massage, Ayurvedic Medicine and diet help our guests attain deep relaxation and wellbeing, Ayurvedic Treatments for Weight loss is good for obesity. It reduce the fat and feel relax.

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Arthritis 5N/6D Packages Starts @ 43,500/-

It is a Degenerative Joint disease leading to degradation of joints including articular cartilage and bone. It is a condition in which the cartilage that acts as a cushion between bones in joints degenerates and thereby causing pain and inflammation in the joints. Mostly affected joints are Knee, Hands, Fingers and Big toe. Symptoms can vary from pain to loss of mobility.

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Diabetes Packages 5N/6D Starts @ 41,000/-

Diabetes Mellitus is a Chronic Metabolic illness in which the body is powerless to make proper use of glucose, resulting in the condition of hyperglycemia (high blood sugar). Excess glucose in the blood ultimately results in high levels of glucose being present in the urine (glycosuria). This increases the urine output, which leads to dehydration and increased thirst. Ayurvedic Village provide best Ayurvedic Treatment for Diabetes in India.

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