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Ayurvedic Beauty Treatments

Ayurvedic Beauty Treatments

Our Ayurvedic Wellness Centre in Mumbai. provides Two main types of Beauty Treatments. If you want a soothing face massage, we use special herbs and oils for Face Massage, so that your skin can relax. This is a great treatment that will make it look young and vital. It will remove any facial irregularities such as pimples, dark circles, fine lines and blackheads. The special herbs that we use are meant to make the skin look vibrant and soft, along with removing any sun tan or dead skin. 

Another form of Ayurvedic Skin Treatment uses Medicated powders and fresh herb paste to alleviate any diseases. It's a great Ayurvedic Treatment For Diseases; the pack of paste and powders is removed after drying up, which reduces pain, swelling and temperature. Our Ayurvedic Beauty Treatments also give you an opportunity to experience the feeling of exotic herbal paste on your face. Mukhalepam is simply a skin therapy which involves massaging your face with these natural creams. This herbal pack is made of various herbs and packed into a paste. It keeps the skin looking young and wrinkle-free. Using that pack will prevent the skin from discolouring and it can also help with sunburns. Each skin type warrants a different herbal combination.

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