Diseases can happen to a person in any season. Seasons affect a lot of normal mechanisms happening in a person’s body, as the change of seasons brings a lot of changes to the natural habitat including nature. These changes in our systems create changes in doshas and the imbalance in doshas will bring in diseases in our body. At Agni, our Doctors help you to regain the balance of doshas thereby helping you to manage and cure the ailments during summer.

Most people think that summer is not a good time to take Ayurveda therapies. But it always is a time for treating diseases that are common in the summer season due to changes or aggravation of doshas. During summer, Pitta is the dosha that increases in the body.

This increase in Pitta dosha may show some symptoms in our bodies:

    • Increased body temperature.
    • Excess Sweat/ Perspiration: This excess sweat can lead to skin problems and affect personal hygiene.
    • Rashes/Redness: Rash or irritated skin is commonly seen in the summer season.
    • Burning sensations: Burning sensations in the body, especially in the feet are also commonly seen due to an increase in Pitta levels in the body.
    • Loose Bowels: This also happens due to aggravated pitta/ body heat.

The line of treatment to balance the doshas will involve calming the pitta dosha in the body. A proper balance in doshas helps maintain normal body heat and proper health.

Ayurveda treatments during the summer season include an integrated approach diet, lifestyle, and therapies. One should not fast or skip meals in summer which will weaken the body. One should also avoid excess spicy and hot foods which will increase and accumulate the pitta level in the body. Include more sweet foods. More intake of water will keep the body hydrated.

Ayurveda therapies lie Takradhara ( Dhara with medicated buttermilk ), Ksheeradhara ( Dhara with milk ), Njavarakkizhi ( Decoction milk potali ), and Chandan oil abhyangam helps to keep the body cool and beat the summer heat. Also, internal medications like Usirasavam, Chandanasavam, etc can be taken by the prescription of a medical practitioner.

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