Weight loss, keto, fasting, juice diet, salad diet, juice detox, cider vinegar, coffee enema…what else?? Starve and lose 10 kilos in 10 days!! Passel of misguidance and myths being spread and promoted around.

To decide on how much body weight to lose, we need to understand what type of body weight we have. Two things hand out to body weight. Fat mass and Lean body mass. Fat mass is the weight that fat contributes to our body and lean body mass is the combined weight of our bones, tendons, muscles and organs.

As we grow older, fat accumulation in our body is increased and fat mass elevates. Concurrently gradual loss of lean body mass makes us look old and unhealthy. It’s the same when we try easy and fast weight loss techniques. Desperate and quick measures for losing weight like fasting and heavy workouts also will lead us looking weaker and older. In fact the spoilt metabolism will make us much more fatter. 

The most appropriate and healthy way for weight loss is through Sustainable weight management programs.

It should be in such a way where the practices or regime can be easily and comfortably followed back home for the rest of our life too. Sustainable weight loss means, the lost weight doesn’t come back. Unhealthy ways of crash diets always end up unsuccessful. Here the weight lost will be gained back more than the initial weight in addition to many new ailments.

Sustainable weight management is where you get your metabolism corrected. According to Ayurveda’ s  Dhatu parinama theory, out of the saptha dhatus, Medho dhatu ( Fat ) starts accumulating when proper transformation/ metabolism of fat doesn’t happen in the body. And this is due to impaired metabolism created by un healthy diet habits and lifestyle.

How Panchakarma Helps in Sustainable Weight Management ?

Obesity is one of the most common metabolic disorder caused by damaged metabolism. A body with spoilt or impaired metabolism will not be able to break down energy and carbohydrates and instead accumulate it as visceral fat causing obesity. Panchakarma helps in correction of both primary and secondary metabolism of the body by flushing out the accumulated toxins . Post Panchakarma, when metabolism is corrected, our body’s fat burning process is supported by proper exercises, Ayurvedic medications and healthy eating habits. And this process helps sustaining/ maintaining the weight we lose.

Which Panchakarma Treatments help in Sustainable weight Management ?

Amongst the five Panchakarma treatments, Virechan ( induced purgation ) and Lekhana vasthi ( medicated enema ) are the preferred weight management treatment procedures. These treatments are ideal and safe as there are no invasive procedures involved. It covers both the Gut cleansing and Colon cleansing resulting in proper absorption and metabolism in the body.

Benefits of undergoing sustainable weight management

Getting a sustainable weight management program done mainly helps in increasing lean body mass and reducing fat mass. In addition to this it also helps in correcting our metabolic parameters like cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, menstrual cycle, fertility, skin & hair health and overall energy levels. Also gastric symptoms like indigestion, bloating, hyperacidity and constipation get cured.


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