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Children's Summer Camp

"Children, especially in the early years, are like little sponges, absorbing all the information around them and then actively making sense of it"

3 days of learning, growing and developing a healthy lifestyle with your children.

Let them learn and value life and health.

Let's teach them and ourselves that a healthy lifestyle is the best gift to ourselves and our family for a disease-free future. Let's have an unforgettable summer together.

WE at AGNI AYURVEDIC VILLAGE want to spread awareness regarding importance of a good lifestyle that one should follow for a healthy body, mind and soul. Here we are offering you our love and care so that we all can have a wonderful summer ahead.

Come join us!

Let's learn and grow together.

  • Wellness Package
  • Panchkarma
  • Children Camp

Wellness Package

  • Sandalwood Abhyangam : Abhyangam combined with, a sandalwood powder, massage oil, rose water and milk with regular abhyangam invents Sandalwood Abhyangam.

    Presents & Cures Pimples, Remove Skin Tan, Reduce Wrinkle & Sign of Aging

  • OR
  • Rose Abhyangam :Abhyangam combined with, rose petal paste, rose water, rice powder, massage oil and milk with regular abhyangam invents Rose Abhyangam.

    Cooling, Skin Toner, Glowing skin

  • Netra Dhara : This technique relaxes, rejuvenates and soothes the eyes by cooling and refreshing them.

    Nourishes and rejuvenates eyes, Improves Vision, Enhances the beauty of the eyes.

  • Ksheerdhara : Flow of medicated milk poured over head / body. It has cooling effects on body it is more suited for the summer months or conditions that needs cooling or relaxing effects. Ksheerdhara is indicated in Stress Reduction Skin & Hair Care.

    Reduce Memory Problem, Improves Concentration, Increase the Blood Circulation of head and brain

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Wellness Packages for 2N/3D

Accommodation Special Price
Single Occupancy 24,400/-
Double Occupancy 36,800/-
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Wellness Packages for 5N/6D

Accommodation Special Price
Single Occupancy 56,500/-
Double Occupancy 87,500/-
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Panchakarma 7N/8D Package Starts @ 59,500/-

In Sanskrit Pancha means "five" and karma means "Procedures". The group of five body purificatory procedures in Ayurveda known as "Panchakarma".

  • Vamana (Medicated Emesis)
  • Virechana (Purgation)
  • Nasyam (Nasal Instillation)
  • Sneha Vasthi(Enema)
  • Kashaya Vasthi (Enema)
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Children Package for 3 Nights/4 Days

Accommodation Special Price
Single Parent +1 Child 30,000/-
Single Parent +2 Child 36,900/-
Couple +1 Child 44,100/-
Couple +2 Child 51,000/-
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