Instead of just jewellery, sweets and clothes,

Gift your loved ones the sweet of good health.

With Diwali on the doorsteps, there are multiple tasks to adhere. Don't allow the work load and never-ending preparations steal away the opportunity to rejuvenate yourself with the care of Ayurveda. Let this Diwali not just be an overload of food, sweets, dry fruits and crackers, but an opportunity to revamp the health of you and your dear ones. Many traditional practices connected with celebrating Diwali were first developed based on their contributions to health and wellness. For example, Ayurveda explains that regular oil therapies and medicated steam baths helps to reduce Vata dosha, Jara (ageing) and Klama (fatigue). While it’s not possible to do oil massages daily or even weekly, special occasions like Diwali remains an important reminder to experience this healthy habit. Our Diwali Health Care Program focuses on detoxifying your body & mind, nourishing your skin, improving your circulation, revitalizing and helping with an overall wellbeing.

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Agni- Ayurvedic Village, the largest and most authentic home of Ayurveda in maharashtra, invites you to Agni. Come,discover the goodness of ayurveda and enjoy the picturesque location spread over 63 acres of lush greenery.Choose from a range of rejuvenation therapies specially designed to help you reclaim your true self.

Ayurveda is the soul and essence of Ayurvedic Village, which has been dedicatedly serving people for more than 18 years. We have a wide range of Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatments, i.e poorva karma, pradhana karma and pashat karma. Poorva karma includes snehanam, swedanam and different kinds of therapeutic massages like potali swedan, etc. Vamanam, virechanam, vasti, nasyam and rakta moksha as pradhana karma (panchakarma). Ahara, Vihara, proper rest and rasayan chikitsa are pashat karma.

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Diwali Healthcare program for 3N/4D

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