What is Blood pressure?

Blood is the medium through which the body receiver its nutrients and oxygen. The heart is the organ that pumps blood to all parts of the body. The heart pumps pure blood (oxygenated blood) through arteries. The arteries carry it and supply it all our the body. Due to the pumping action of the heart, the blood, when it is through the arteries, is pressure on the wall of the arteries, which is called blood pressure; in other words, blood pressure is the pressure of blood in the circulatory system.

Why is the Measurement of Blood Pressure Important

Blood pressure is the simplest measurement that can give of track our present health and also the possible the health, you read it right – regular monitoring of blood pressure can you give a possible outlook of your further health issue; blood pressure is and fail of the heart health.

Blood pressure is measured in 2 numbers.

a) Systolic blood pressure – the pressure in the arteries when the heartbeat  

b) Diastolic blood pressure – the pressure in the arteries in children, the heartbeat, or the pressure when the heart rests between the treated.

Normal range of Bp-120/80 mm-            

What is high blood pressure?

Your blood pressure changes throughout the day it depending upon normal activities; having a blood pressure that is higher than normal is called high blood pressure. blood pressure can be as high only if the blood pressure remains high consistently for a couple of days ( preferably 2 weeks)    

More than considering it, it is a situation that needs to the taken care of since its an indicator of some other possible health risks -heart disease, stroke, heart attack, etc

A consistent blood pressure of 140 / 90 or higher is considered or high blood pressure.

Generally, high blood pressure does not show any symptoms is left until the measurement of BP. But headache, pigmentation, and acidity may be seen in some people with high blood pressure.

Causes of blood pressure

Blood pressure can be high for a variety of reasons, including lifestyle, diet, and health conditions, .so if you to any of the following groups, you are at risk of depending high blood pressure.

Overnight not enough physical activities


Regular alcohol & caffeine is taken

Too much salt in the diet

Sleep issue

Above the age of 60

Family history

Disease – thyroid imbalance, kidney disease, diabetics, etc

Why blood pressure needs to be controlled

Checking knowing and Controlling blood pressure is important for maintenance your overall health .studies shows that people have more chances dying of a stroke or a heart attack.

Hence controlling blood pressure is Important for :-

Heart health: high blood pressure contents for a more extended period, heart has to pump      

To supply blood which can cause thickening of the heart & in turn, increase the chances of heart diseases.

Risk of stroke: stroke happens the blood flow to the brain is interrupted & people with high blood pressure have more chance to getting a stroke than people with normal bp.

Promoting kidney health: high blood pressure is linked liver. In fact, it is the second leading cause of kidney failure, so pressure is needed for kidney health of wall.

Better brain health: people with high blood pressure or at risk of such controlled blood pressure is necessary for maintaining annual health.

How can we control blood pressure :

The most way to manage blood pressure is through a combination of meditation, diet, and a regular and healthy lifestyle.

Blood pressure is controlled by medication, such as calcium channel blockers. Lifestyle & diet changes include:-

1 physical activity at least 30 min a day

2 keeping a healthy weight

3 A healthy, low sodium, low carbohydrate diet.

4 limit the intake of alcohol, caffeine no smoking  

5 managing the Apart from there, its also found that there are certain beeps ayurvedic science , which can be uncorrupted until diet a taken as supplements that help in reducing the blood pressure has had a look at there drugs.

Ayurvedic helps in controlling blood pressure.

 1. ASHWAGANDHA / INDIAN GINSENG – ASHWAGANDHA IS THE KING OF HERBS                                                              

  • Ashwagandha belongs to the class of means that helps the body apart. B.P Caused by high stress can be controlled by regular supplement of Ashwagandha Also, Ashwagandha is a Rasayan drug means it can be used even by healthy people.


This is a people drug in Ayurveda used for heart health

  • Partharistham is a famous ayurvedic formulation used for heart-related issues,
  • Arjuna is so known for its Cardioprotecture properties & helps in reducing high blood pressure
  • The Bark of the tree is used

3. Amruta / Giloy

  • Its Popularly Known or queen of herbs & is a known Immune Booster In Ayurveda
  • Regular Intake Can Helps In Regulating blood Pressure and blood sugar Imparts Skin Health


  • Also known as the herb of grace & it is used in Ayurveda as a brain tonic & memory booster.
  • It’s a contact & then helps in reliving Stress.
  • Brahmi has an active compound that releases Nitric oxide, which stimulates blood vessels that helps reducing blood pressure.


  • Best known for its diabetic properties – it helps in reducing water retention and hence helps in reducing sodium level, Thus, Lowering the blood pressure levels.
  • Also, this herb contains significant amount of  magnesium, that too help in managing blood pressure.


  • The best anti-hypertensive herb used in Ayurveda.
  • Also known for its properties in treating psychotic issues.
  • The root of the herb is used for hypertension.

7. TULSI | Basil

  • This plant has an antioxidant – Which can act as a natural calcium channel blockers & this way to control high blood pressure.
  • It’s an Better alternative for managing hypertension.


  • It is a popular Ordinary ingredient of Indian kitchen.
  • Apart from that, it is a herb used in several ayurvedic formulations.
  • It has many active compounds that are good for the heart, especially those that increase the blood flow & regular blood flow & hence lowering blood pressure.
  • The action of garlic is similar to the drug atenolol, which is used in the treatment of high blood pressure.

9. Shunti / ginger

  • A common ingredient of Indian & a popular in ayurvedic medicine is known for it to lower blood pressure heart health.
  • Regular consumption of ginger reduces the risk of level high blood pressure
  • it has a natural calcium channel & ACE inhalation  that has both anti-hypertensive action.


  • Spice known for its intense flavor.
  • It is also loaded with antioxidants that formula for better health.
  • They help in reducing blood pressure levels by acting as a natural calcium channel blockers & for diverticulitis
  • This herb can be Easily incorporated with the diet.

11. Ajwain / Ajamoda / Thyme

  • Its a flourful herb that has a lot of healthy compounds.
  • It has a compound called as Rosmarinus acid that helps is reducing inflammation blood sugar and cholesterol and may also reduce blood pressure.

12. Cinnamon, Dalchini, tweak

  • it is a spice known for its aroma
  • apart from that, it’s been used ayurvedic as an in treating heart aliment since a long time.
  • It is also found that regular consumption of cinnamon can lower systolic & diastolic blood pressure.
  • It acts by & relaxing the blood vessels thus to lower the pressure of blood our the arteries.


  •  A herb in western cuisine.
  • Rich in vitamin c and, which can reduce blood pressure & cholesterol levels
  • Also act as a natural calcium channel blocker.

14. Celery

  • Celery seeds are rich in iron, mg, ma, ca and dietary fiber.
  • Its act as a natural co-channel & who the directory in it helps in reducing hypertension.

15. Flax seeds

  • They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids –which promote heart health.
  • May reduce blood pressure levels & blood cholesterol level

16. Watermelon

  • A Rich source of L- Citrulline, an amino acid known to reduce blood pressure.
  • Rich in Fiber & antioxidant – Who is a good diabetic and hence has its anti-hypertensive.


APART from these herbs, yoga can also incorporated in daily routine which In parts physical activity to the daily routine

  • Daily Meditetion for about 10 min can reduce the stress level
  • Certain yoga practices can help in effective weight loss
  • The following yoga asanas can helps in reducing high blood pressure.

1 Balosana / the child pose

2 paschimothanasana / seated forword

3 baddhakonsana / bound angle pose

4 janusirarana / head to knee

5 virarana / The Hero pose

6 savasana / corpse pose

There is our thought on the herb that can help in controlling blood pressure. But it is always recommended to take them under the supervision of a physician who regularly check on the vital and mild changes in lifestyle that can easily control blood pressure along with these herbal supplements.

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