As COVID-19 is spreading widely causing huge damage to each person’s mental and physical stability, Agni is open to take care of your holistic well being.

Relax and experience Agni’s Healthcare programs, while we take care of your safety.

In our 63 acre lush green property, we maintain a social bubble as…

  • All guests are tested for Covid before check-in.
  • All our staffs are regularly tested.
  • All our staff stay in-house.
  • We limit the number of inpatient check-ins for safety.
  • All our guest contact areas are frequently disinfected and fumigated.
  • All treatment rooms are sanitized after each therapy
  • All our cleaning activities are under supervision of trained Infection control staffs.
  • All our staffs regularly take Ayurvedic immunity boosting medicines.
  • All our guests are served immunity drinks to build good respiratory health.

We strictly adhere to all COVID 19 protocols and guidelines recommended by the concerned authorities from time to time.

All our staffs are 100% COVID 19 vaccinated.

We have limited the IP guest check-ins and each guest is assigned a designated treatment room to avoid any sort of cross contamination/ infection.

After each treatment the rooms are disinfected and fumigated to ensure guest and staff safety.

Sanjeevanam housekeeping activities are strictly under the direct supervision of our Hospital Infection Control team (HIC).

Immunity boosting medicines are prepared in-house and mandatorily given to all our staffs. Medicated steam inhalation practice is also in place.

We are assured that the above measures, along with our comprehensive care, will ensure your safety and a successful treatment outcome at Sanjeevanam.