Agni Daily Schedule (Dinacharya)


Yoga Start your day with a good stretch, a deep breath, and a happy mind.


Pratimarsha Nasyam Cleansing your airway with medicated oil/ghee and nourishes your nervous system

Aschyotanam Medicated eye drops for refreshing, clean, and clear vision

Gandusham Oil Pulling and Medicated water gargling

Detox Water Special Medicated Drinks are served for your daily detoxification

8am - 9am

Breakfast Your warm hug to your gut in the morning

8:30am - 12pm

Prescribed Ayurvedic therapy (1 hour)


Fruits / Juices / Immunity Boosting Drink


Therapeutic Yoga Focuses on strengthening each area/joint of your body and improving your mental and physical efficiency


Lunch Relish our Sattvic food and experience a wide range of healthy food options, making you realize that healthy eating can also be "Starvation Free", well-balanced, and sustainable


Snacks Healthy and filling snacks and the good news is that there's no reason to restrict yourself from snacking the Agni way!

3pm - 6pm

Ayurvedic therapy focusing on your area of health concern (30 minutes)

6:30pm -7:30pm

Meditation If You Want More Inner Peace Well-Being and Happiness you must Learn to Meditate


Dinner Light, freshly prepared foods that are simple to digest help promote restful sleep



***All of the above schedule is subject to changes according to health concerns and therapy session as prescribed by Doctors.