• Ayurvedic Village Specialize in?
  • We Specializing in Rejuvenation Wellness & illness therapy. We have best therapies for

    • Arthritis
    • Stress management
    • Weight loss
    • Back pain / Spinal Care
    • Diabetes
    • Rejuvenation/ Detoxification
  • Doctors / Therapist / Staff at Ayurvedic Village?
  • We have a strong team of five well qualified Ayurvedic doctors having more than 15 years of experience. Our CMO Dr. Moosa is MD in Ayurveda and physiotherapy.
    We have Well Experience male & female therapy who have work experience in some of the top Ayurveda institutions in Kerala.
    Our chef/ front office team/ housekeeping team are all well experience in hospitality industry.

  • Diet plan in Ayurvedic Village?
  • Doctors will be prescribing the diet plan according to the patients. And we serving only organic vegetarian food.

  • Facility at Ayurvedic Village?
  • Ayurvedic Village have 50 well designed and well equipped rooms all rooms comes with attach balcony, 40 inch LED TV, 24 hours Wi-Fi and hot water connection. Ayurvedic Village also consist swimming pool, Yoga and meditation room and fully equipped restaurant where our chef make variety of dishes for every individual as recommendation made by the doctor.

  • Who should come to Ayurvedic Village?
  • Person who are looking to change or improve their life style should come to Ayurvedic Village for our specialized rejuvenation & wellness package.
    Patients who can devote time for improvement of the health and wants to gain benefits of the treatment practice for more than 5000 years should come to Ayurvedic Village.
    Guests who wants to come only to enjoy the facility of the wellness center and who are not willing to go for any wellness and illness packages. Ayurvedic Village is not the right place for these guests we do not provide any entertainment other than wellness and illness packages and diet plan as per doctor's recommendations.
    The property is a no smoking zone. we do not provide alcohol and non-vegetarian food.

  • What is Ayurvedic Village?
  • Ayurvedic Village is the Wellness center. Since last 18 years, Ayurvedic Village has been serving the global community with its authentic practices and enhancing positivity in every individual at the Sanpada, Mumbai Centre and Panvel morbe. This has earned us a worldwide reputation for our effective special treatments.

  • Treatment at Ayurvedic Village?
  • We are trying our best to meet the ever growing needs of our authentic treatment. 18 years of dedicated service, Ayurvedic Village has already earned a world-wide reputation for its effective health care and therapy excellence. Come to get rejuvenated amidst nature and to get free from worries & diseases with the real touch of our Ayurvedic practice.

  • Way to Ayurvedic Village?
  • Ayurvedic Residential Treatment Centre Morbe Village, Panvel Taluka, Off Panvel - Matheran Road, District Raigad, Maharashtra. Tel.: +91 75066 50605 / 06 Ayurvedic Therapy Centre 17/21, Shah Complex III, Palm Beach Road, Sector-13, Vashi-Sanpada, Navi Mumbai 400 705. Tel.: 022-27814444 / 27815544

  • Costing at Ayurvedic Village?
  • Prefer on packages selected

  • What is Panchakarma
  • The group of five body purificatory procedures in Ayurveda known as Panchakarma.

    • Vamana
    • Virechana
    • Kashaya Vasthi
    • Sneha Vasthi
    • Nasyam

    These are Technically termed as Panchakarma. These are Bio cleansing procedures in Ayurveda. By these methods the toxins accumulated in the body are expelled through the natural orifices of the body.