Treatment for Polycyctic Ovarian Syndrome

Treat PCOD/PCOS the Ayurvedic Way

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a common endocrine system disorder characterized by hyperandrogenism, ovulatory dysfunction, and polycystic ovarian morphologic features. Mainly PCOS is diagnosed among women of reproductive age. It is a condition that has enlarged ovaries and contains small collections of fluid called follicles located in each ovary. In PCOS, male hormones, and testosterone are produced in more than the required quantities. This happens, mainly due to an error in the regulatory mechanism of the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian hormone regulatory axis. This triggers the release of a hormone called luteinizing hormone which affects the maturation of ovarian follicles, in which the ova are situated. The cysts found in PCOS are follicles that are not fully matured and are filled with fluid.

Causes of PCOS

There is no such well-defined cause for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Some significant causes are as follows:

  • Family History - Studies reveal that possibility of getting PCOD among women whose immediate female relatives suffer from PCOD is 50 percent.
  • Insulin Resistance and LifeStyle - Lifestyle changes are a major cause of PCOD. A sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits which includes skipping meals and consumption of junk foods result in obesity which leads to PCOS. This overweight can lead to insulin resistance, where the produced insulin is not properly used by the cells and in turn demands more insulin.
  • Inflammation - The inflammation in PCOS is linked to the higher androgen level.
  • Stress - The increased stress level can lead to hormone imbalance and sleep disturbances, which may result in PCOD/PCOS.

Symptoms of PCOS

It may develop at puberty or later due to increased weight over the years. People with PCOS usually have these symptoms :

  • Irregular Menstrual Cycle - Abnormal Menstruation, Absence of Menstruation, Heavy Or Light Menstruation and Spotting.
  • Male Pattern Baldness - Increased male sex hormones ( Androgen ) result in male physical manifestation.
  • Hirsutism - The increased male hormones result in excess facial and body hair.
  • Acanthosis Nigricans - Skin changes which include severe, darkened skin patches mainly on the neck, thighs, armpits, etc.
  • Metabolic Errors - Increased weight and central obesity are the main symptoms along with difficulty in losing weight irrespective of diet and exercise.

Types of PCOS/PCOD

  • Insulin Resistant PCOS/PCOD - Insulinoma results in this type of PCOS, which means insulin is not used properly by the cells and results in weight gain, sugar cravings, and fatigue.
  • Post-Pill PCOS - This occurs after stopping the intake of oral contraceptive pills. Taking pills can stop the symptoms temporarily but can worsen the condition once stopped.
  • Inflammatory PCOS - This occurs because of chronic inflammations. Increased testosterone levels, headaches, and skin issues are the major symptoms of this type.
  • Adrenal PCOS - This occurs mainly during massive stressful periods which is indicated by the high levels of cortisol hormone and dehydroepiandrosterone ( DHEA ).

Ayurvedic correlation for PCOS

Ayurveda describes PCOS to have equal involvement of dosha,dhatu, and upadhatu. According to Ayurveda, this condition cannot be correlated to a single disease but symptoms bear a resemblance to the terminologies defined as

  • anartava(amenorrhoea)
  • Yonivyapad (a disorder of the reproductive system)
  • Arjaska (oligomenorrhea)
  • Vandhya (infertility)
  • Revathy (Anovulatory Menstruation)
  • ashtartava dushti
  • shandi yoni vyapath (Amennhorhea due to vata prakopa)

Vata and Kapha dosha as well as vishama ahara and vihara leads to reduced digestive fire and causes the production of aama. This aama production causes improper enzymatic reactions leading to incomplete metabolism and hormonal imbalance this causes hyperandrogenism ultimately leading to anovulation and amenorrhea and ovarian abnormalities like PCOS.

Ayurvedic Treatment for PCOD/PCOS

It is a diosorder involving vata, pitta, kapha, medas, ambuvaha srothas and the arthava dhatu.The treatment should include shodhana, shamana and santharpana therapies.It can be prevented and treated with the help of aahara, vihara ,oushadha and kriyas.

  • Aahara:-balanced diet should be followed as abnormal diet hamper nourishment of the fertilized egg and implantation of the zygote.the food that are light and thiktha rasa pradhana should be taken.
  • Vihara:-yoga techniques that are helpful for the weight reduction,maintaining blood glucose level and anxiety should be pranayama,kapalbhathi etc.
  • Oushadha:-kapha reducing,insulin enhancing,hormone balancing,obstruction clearing herbs like guduchi,amla,haridra etc are useful.kanchanara guggulu ,methi, karela, aswagandha, sathavari,maricha can be used.
  • Kriya:-shodhana therapies including virechana and basthi can be performed eg:-shathavaryadi anuvasana vasti,guduchyadi rasayana vasti.

Why Agni Ayurvedic Village for PCOS/PCOD Treatment

  • PCOS being a syndrome brings along with it other ailments like obesity, type 2 diabetes, infertility, etc. So treating PCOS in a classical ayurvedic way is very important to prevent the complications associated with it. Agni Ayurvedic Village, being one of the best authentic ayurvedic centers in Mumbai, provides the Best Ayurvedic Treatment for PCOS/PCOD.
  • Our holistic treatment for PCOD includes Ayurvedic & Yoga therapies. Lifestyle changes play another important role in curing PCOD which is one of our main focuses in the treatment. At Agni, we try to follow the ayurvedic way of living which includes Yoga sessions, Dinacharya rituals ( Nasyam, Aschothanam, Gandusham, etc. ), and ayurvedic therapies along with a tailored diet.
  • We offer the best Ayurveda treatment for pcod in Mumbai. Residential treatments are very necessary for the cure of pcod as lifestyle needs to be corrected. Stress is another factor that causes hormone imbalance which is taken care of by our premises and meditation sessions. Agni offers the best ayurvedic treatment for pcod with our authentic Kerala ayurvedic therapies, yoga, and a sattvic diet.
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