Kati Vasti Treatment

Ayurvedic Vasti Treatment(External Vasti)

KATI Vasti Treatment

It is a type of swedam (fomentation) that comes under Sa-Agni Snigdha. Swedam means fomentation with the help of Sneha,i.e. taila, ghee, vasa, and majja.

In this procedure, warm oil is retained at the Kati pradesha,i.e. the sacral and lumbar region within a specific formed frame for a prescribed time. The patient has to lie in a prone position and the Kati pradesha is encircled with black gram paste for the retention of oil. The warm oil provides a snehana and swedana effect and the herbal ingredients in medicated oil provide a therapeutic effect.


  • Localized snehana and swedana
  • Shoolahara - Relief from lower back pain.
  • Srotho vivarana - Clearing the body channels.
  • Vata dosha shamana - Relief from vata dosha.
  • Nadi balya - Strengthen the nerves.


  • Katigraha
  • Gridhrasi
  • Katishoola
  • Kukundara Marmabhigata
  • Degenerative diseases of the spine
  • Lumbar spondylosis
  • Sciatica
  • Lumbar disc bulge, prolapse, and herniation.
  • Lumbosacral strain
  • Lumbar spondylolisthesis

In our Agni Ayurvedic Village, we do kativasti in a traditional way by making the frame with black gram dough and we use oils like Dhanwantharam, Maha Narayanam, etc. according to the decision by our expert panel of physicians. In this new era, most people are in service sector jobs that demand sitting for long hours. This causes stress and spasm to the spine muscles which results in pressure on the entire back region. With kativasti, the tension of muscles gets reduced which in turn reduces the stiffness and pain. It also improves the flexibility of the back, nourishes the spinal cord, and promotes strength to the spine.

Greeva Vasti Treatment

The procedure of applying heat to the greeva(cervical region) with the help of warm medicated oil is termed as greeva vasti. It has the effect of both oleation and fomentation. This therapy will help in relieving the muscle stiffness and spasm over the region. The medicated oil will provide the therapeutic effect.


  • Dosha samana - pacifies the aggravated doshas
  • Strengthen and nourishes nerves
  • Relieves the stiffness and pain


All painful conditions of the cervical region like cervical spondylosis, ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis on cervical spine etc.

Due to a desktop job most people feel stiffness and pain in the neck region which hampers them from doing their simplest day to day activities like holding a pen,carrying a bag,writing etc. The solution lies in identifying this at the early phase and seeking help through ayurveda and yoga. Agni ayurvedic village incorporates authentic ayurveda and yoga practices for cervical spondylosis, cervical spondylitis ,ankylosing spondylitis etc which will also helps in strengthening the cervical muscles, relieves the spasm and increases the range of neck movements.

JANU Vasti Treatment

Knee joint is termed as "janu" in ayurveda. Anatomically it is a complex structure consisting of bones,patella,ligaments,tendons,bursae,numerous vessels,nerves and synovial fluid. Janu vasti is an exclusive ayurvedic treatment for knee joints.

In this modern era the sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits result in obesity, where some people choose to live with it and another set tries to overcome the obesity with intensive exercise and unhealthy diet which in turn exhaust the body. All these are often reflected in the form of joint pain and stiffness,among the joints the knee joint is mostly affected as it is the weight bearing joint. In ayurveda 'janu vasti' is the intensive therapy for the knees. It helps in reducing the pathology and nourishes the knee joint.


  • Relief from pain and stiffness on knee joints
  • Strengthen the surrounding muscles and ligaments of knee joints
  • Relieve the sprain and strain of knee joint


Osteoporosis of knee joint,osteoarthritis of knee joint,rheumatoid arthritis of knee joint, post trauma of knee joint,osteopenia,post fracture,knee joint ligament tear, meniscus tear, janu soola,janusandhi vata

In our Agni Ayurvedic Village our skilled physicians will assess the condition and identify the root cause. Accordingly they will choose the medicated oil which has to be retained in the 'janu pradesha'(knee area) for a specific time at a specific temperature. Januvasti nourishes and strengthens the structures of knee joints , improves the blood circulation and range of movements of knee joints. It is mostly recommended for people doing long standing jobs,sports person and women in post menopausal age. Altogether 'janu vasti' is an ideal authentic ayurveda therapy for the wise. Agni ayurvedic village Mumbai provides you the best experience of janu vasti.

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