Ayurvedic Pizhichil Treatment

Ayurvedic Pizhichil Treatment ( Paralysis Therapy)

Pizhichil is a treatment which combines two therapies Snehana and Swedhana. Snehana meaning oil massage and Swedhana meaning to induce sweat. In Sanskrit, Pizhichil means ‘to squeeze’. In this treatment a piece of cloth is dipped in warm medicated oil and is then squeezed and poured onto the patient followed by a rejuvenating massage. This treatment helps in circulation of blood and also removes all the toxins through sweat. More than three litres of relaxing, medicated oil is used in this therapy. Pizhichil protects the body from illnesses and builds up immunity for a healthy life. This treatment is considered to be very calming and rejuvenating.

Benefits of Pizhichil Treatment

  • Prevents acne and makes the skin radiant
  • Enhances blood circulation
  • Builds up the immunity in the body
  • Completely rejuvenates the body
  • Helps in quick healing of fractured bones Improves muscle development
  • Relieves from stress and anxiety
  • Helpful for nervous disorders
  • Effective for patients suffering from Diabetes, paralysis, Arthritis and rheumatic diseases

Why choose Agni Ayurvedic Village For Pizhichil Treatment

  • We have an experience of 20 years which makes us the best at offering the services required
  • The Thalam treatment offered is reliable, harmless and effective
  • Our treatment is natural and holistic
  • Our approach helps remove the odds of a recurrence
  • Patients can continue to live life with improved self-assurance
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