Ayurvedic Udavarthanam Treatment

Ayurvedic Udavarthanam Treatment (Dry Massage) Ayurveda Weight Loss Therapy

Ayurveda is a science that is very authentic and aimed at the prevention and cure of diseases. The main aim is to prevent the occurrence of diseases and thereby keep the person healthy.

For a healthy state of the body, Ayurveda explains some daily routines in detail which will help to maintain the healthy state in a very good and natural way. This routine starts from waking up and ends in sleep. These are explained in detail with its benefits also. Udwarthanam is one among them for a good, firm & healthy body.

Udavarthanam :

The Udwarthanam Ayurvedic Treatment procedure is in which medicated powders or pastes are used to massage the body in opposite direction to body hairs in a synchronized manner with adequate pressure. This procedure is done the whole body except the head & face.

Types of udwarthanam:

Generally, udwarthanam is done in two ways, that is dry medicated powder and dry medicated powders added with oil or decoction. As per Susrutha Samhitha, the udwarthanam is of two types:

उद्घर्षणोत्सदानाभ्यां जायेयातं असंशयं i (su.Sam)

  • Utsadanam
  • Udgharshanam

1. Utsadanam:

सस्नेह कल्कोठ् घर्षणम् उत्सादनम् i (su sam)

Utsadanam is a type of udwarthanam that is done with medicated powders mixed with oil, decoction, milk, curd, etc according to the patient condition

उत्सदानद्भवेत् स्त्रीनाम विशेषेषत् कान्तिमद्वपु! प्रहर्ष सौभाग्यं मृजलाघवादि गुणान्विथम्!! (su. Sam)]

This type of udwarthanam is a very good skin brightener, also improves body sensation, and detoxification of the body and is also good for making the body light

2. Udgharshanam:

अस्नेह औषद चूर्णादीभि घर्षणम् उद्घर्षणम् i (su sam)

The procedure of udwarthanam is done with wet medicated powder in the opposite direction to body hairs.

उद्घर्षणं तु विञ्जेयं कण्डुकोटानिलापहम् i (su sam)

Udgharshanam helps in treating itching, and Kota-like skin conditions (urticaria) are also very effective in pacifying Vata. The herbs used in Udgharshanam may vary as per the condition of the patient.

Sometimes udgharshanam is done with Samudraphena which helps to improve body strength and make the body light. Also good in treating itching, urticaria-like conditions, Vata in the body, stiffness, also helps in detoxification. Also Udgharshanam with ishtika (powder of ishtika stone) helps to cure itching and Koda (Urticaria).

How does Udwarthanam Act on the Body?

सिरामुखा विविक्थत्वां त्वक्स्थस्याग्नेश्च तेजनं i (su sam)

By massaging with medicated powders (wet/dry) on the body, the strokes and pressure stimulate the openings of vessels that will accelerate the pitta located on the skin (Bhrajaka Pitta). This stimulated pitta burns the extra subcutaneous fat and makes skin brighter with proper blood circulation.

The special type of massage techniques/ strokes by hand with dry or wet powders creates friction and heat allowing the herbs in the body to be absorbed through the skin where they directly act to break down fat cells and the subcutaneous fat tissue. Then mobilizes these fat deposits, which are then absorbed into the lymphatic system. From there it got processed and excreted eventually. These herbs in the powder also tone the skin tissue from within, enhancing its elasticity thus preventing wrinkling & scar formation.

Benefits of Udwarthanam Treatment

उद्वर्तनं कफहरं मेदस प्रविलायणं i

स्थिरीकरणमङ्गानं त्वक् प्रसादकरं परम ii (a h su 2/16)

Ayurvedic Udwarthanam Treatment -The Herbal Powder Massage helps in reducing Kapha in the body and also helps to remove the accumulated subcutaneous fat. It helps to maintain the body intact and brightens the skin.

  • It removes toxins from the body.
  • It improves skin complexion and removes skin tan.
  • It removes the accumulated excess subcutaneous fat.
  • It improves joint motility thereby reducing the stiffness
  • It stimulate the nerve endings
  • It soothes the action of nerves and transfer of impulses.
  • It improves blood circulation.
  • It regenerates the cells of the skin.
  • It maintain the natural elasticity of the skin
  • It tones up the muscle tissue
  • It improves joint and muscle health.
  • It is very effective in weight loss
  • It gives good results in diabetic neuropathy
  • It is used commonly in skin diseases like itching, Kota (urticaria)

Clinical Aspect of Udwarthanam

Udwarthanam is one of the ayurvedic treatment procedures in which dry or wet herbal powders are used to massage the body. Udwarthanam is a classical ayurvedic therapy that is very effective and commonly used for weight management. Apart from the weight management aspect, it has different curative and preventive effects on the body as is mentioned in dinacharya (daily routine) also. Udwarthanam is a very good body strengthening therapy that tones up the muscle. The effect on the body will vary according to the herbs used in udwarthanam. Simply the liquid portion added in utsadanam type also possesses a therapeutic effect.

Conditions like diabetic neuropathy, urticaria, general itching, excess subcutaneous fat accumulation, etc have a good result with the udwarthanam procedure if used proper medicine according to the patient's condition.

Udwarthanam at Agni ayurvedic village

Agni ayurvedic village offers a very authentic and classical way of udwarthanam therapy with good results in weight management, diabetic neuropathy, etc. We use purely herbal combinations in udwarthanam treatment, done by two therapists in a synchronized manner (four-handed massage). The medicines used are decided after the proper evaluation & assessment of each patient (customized). The pressure of strokes, duration of the massage, a combination of herbs, etc is decided according to the condition. Agni serves the best udwarthanam treatment in Mumbai.

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